Keep Healthy While Pregnant

Congratulations on being pregnant! Now the name of the game is to keep yourself fit and healthy and not gaining an excessive amount of weight.

How can you achieve this?

First, by just maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is going to keep you fit. If you are accustomed to walking or swimming then there is no reason not to keep this up while pregnant. If you find yourself consuming more calories than normal than just add an extra walk or swim in. Even just taking your dog for an extra walk each day is going to significantly help you from adding too many extra pounds.

Yes you are going to have cravings and what to eat extras, but realizing that you are doing this is all ready winning you a victory. Counter balance your calorie intake with either cutting back the next day or doing extra exercise of any kind. Even just dancing around your house while you are dusting is going to help.

Other simple things you can do are switching any fizzy drinks for water, eating on a smaller plate, controlling your portion sizes and switching from whole milk to 1% or skim milk.

You want to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and iron in your diet, and your doctor can advise you of the correct amounts during your monthly visits.

Now that you are pregnant this would be a great time to go out and meet other moms to be and join a support group. It is great to be able to discuss your feelings and cravings and how you are going to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle once your baby arrives.

With a group of moms, you can schedule in walks and activities for both you and the baby and it will just be great to have other new moms, experiencing the same feelings as you, to get the support in how to handle all your new found emotions and possibly anxiety. Sharing emotions is a good way to deal with any new stress that will creep into your life.

Other ways to keep fit and healthy include just taking an extra walk, parking your car at the back of the parking lot at the mall or grocery store. Many small things that will add up to extra calories burned while being pregnant. Think about it, small steps are all it really takes to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.