Things to Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Carrying a life in the womb is the most wonderful thing that a woman experiences and this experience can never be expressed through words. Once, you become pregnant you need to be more careful about yourself. The first three months of pregnancy is considered to be the most crucial period. Firstly, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a proper diet, adequate rest and regular medical check ups. Most importantly, you need to free yourself from all kinds of stress and anxieties. Always remember that if you relaxed your baby will also possess a good health.

After you hear about the good news of being pregnant, you certainly need to change your daily routine. Usually, people have a fair idea of what needs to be done during pregnancy but not much are aware of what really needs to be avoided. Well, here are some very important things that you should not be doing while pregnant.

1. There are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. Alcohol consumption and smoking strictly needs to be restricted as it can cause abnormalities and other birth defects in the baby. If any of your family members is a smoker then that person should not be allowed to smoke around you as passive smoking can lead to miscarriages, pre-mature births and the baby may be born underweight.

2. You should always avoid processed meats such as sausages, salamis and so on as it may increase and produce a very high white blood cell count in your baby.

3. There is a myth in many countries that eating fish during pregnancy improves the health of the baby. Recent researches have proven that fish is rich in methyl mercury which is potent enough to damage the brain cells of your baby. The consumption of fish or sea food needs to be reduced to a great extent.

4. Junk food tastes good and when you are pregnant you may get several cravings a day for junk food. You definitely need to avoid this type of food as it does not contain vitamins, proteins or minerals. All it contains is unhealthy oil, unhygienic preparations and so on.

5. Papayas are a threat to pregnant women as it causes miscarriages or abortion therefore you should avoid eating ripe papayas.

Other restrictions:

1. Stop eating foods that are cooked in a microwave and avoid it as much as you can. Recent studies revealed that the emitted radiation from a microwave is enough threat to cause damage to the fetus.

2. Stress, anxieties and trauma are intertwined with our day to day life and is simply not possible to get rid of entirely. Hence, you should keep yourself away from stress as it will help your baby grow healthy.

3. Handling pesticides could be real dangerous both for you and the baby. Exposure to pesticides by any means can cause chemical reactions as the height and weight of the fetus can be affected.

4. If you have pets such as dogs and cats then you should make arrangements for them in an outhouse; especially for cats. A lot of studies found that the fur of the pets are potent enough to cause miscarriages.

Pregnancy is the most vulnerable period of a woman’s life therefore you need to be extremely careful to ensure the baby remains safe and healthy

Another Healthy Option For You

Perhaps we might as well look deeper into what multivitamins are in the first place. Most multivitamins are preparations that are formulated to cater to the needs of the customers. There are multivitamins for prenatal care, babies/very young children, young adults, men, women, those over 50 years and above, stress, diabetic and similar medical conditions. These may come in the form of capsules, tablets, soft gels, powder or liquid. Some come in the form of injectable preparations. The common consumption of multivitamins is usually once or twice daily, although there are some that are labelled for consumption as many as 3 – 7 times a day. Most multivitamin supplements can be bought over the counter, but there are some that are medically prescribed such as the injectable kind and others that combine with medicines for those with medical conditions.

Components of Multivitamins

Multivitamins have micro-nutrients like dietary minerals, vitamins and some other nutritional components. Most multivitamins supplements are usually combined with minerals. This is in accordance with the Food and Drug Board (FDA) and that this multivitamin and mineral supplement may contain 3 or more minerals and vitamins that has a dosage that is lower than the tolerable level set by it and would not cause any health risk whatsoever to the consumer. The multivitamin and mineral supplement would likewise not also contain any form of drugs, hormones or herbs.

The composition of the multivitamins may vary. It depends on your needs so you have a lot of choices. Most multivitamins are approximately grouped into RDA (recommended dietary allowance) and may have different nutritional components. Some multivitamins may contain iron, others may not; more specific multivitamins for those with medical conditions such as diabetes may have different potency compared to those without any medical conditions. Other multivitamins may contain antioxidants, herbal extracts and the finest quality of vitamins and minerals. In general, most multivitamins contain increased vitamin C and B combined with other healthy vitamins and minerals.

Some substances contained in multivitamins are generally lower than the RDA quantity. This is so due to the high cost of the components. Take for instance biotin, considered to be the most expensive vitamin composition and is included only at about 5% -30% of RDA per day for most preparations of multivitamins. At times the multivitamins may have lower content components based on the needs and requirements of men and women who have different multivitamin needs like in the iron content which may be higher for men than in women.

Reasons Why People Take Multivitamins

So why do you think you have to take multivitamins? Firstly, multivitamins are good supplements to your daily diet. If you think you are lacking in eating fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, then you would be fine in taking the multivitamins to replenish the lack of these foods. More so, adding multivitamins in the spots where your diet may lack important vitamins is the right path to take to keep you healthy as possible.

It may also be wise to take multivitamins if you have some dietary imbalances like you are in a restricted diet or you are just the type who does not eat something nutritious and healthy. Pregnant women and the elderly may have different nutritional needs and these may be complemented by multivitamins prescribed by their doctors.

Ask Your Doctor About Multivitamins

The key to remember here is you must be aware of which multivitamins are good for you. You can ask your doctor about this and have a subscription for them. It may also be noteworthy to remember that there are multivitamins if taken in large dosage than required may be more harmful to you.

Suffice to say, multivitamins have good uses in maintaining a healthy life style. Though they may not be permanent replacements for healthy eating habits and healthy diets, multivitamins may still be considered as helpful healthy supplements that you may need as you go through the more matured phases of your life.

Keep Healthy While Pregnant

Congratulations on being pregnant! Now the name of the game is to keep yourself fit and healthy and not gaining an excessive amount of weight.

How can you achieve this?

First, by just maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is going to keep you fit. If you are accustomed to walking or swimming then there is no reason not to keep this up while pregnant. If you find yourself consuming more calories than normal than just add an extra walk or swim in. Even just taking your dog for an extra walk each day is going to significantly help you from adding too many extra pounds.

Yes you are going to have cravings and what to eat extras, but realizing that you are doing this is all ready winning you a victory. Counter balance your calorie intake with either cutting back the next day or doing extra exercise of any kind. Even just dancing around your house while you are dusting is going to help.

Other simple things you can do are switching any fizzy drinks for water, eating on a smaller plate, controlling your portion sizes and switching from whole milk to 1% or skim milk.

You want to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and iron in your diet, and your doctor can advise you of the correct amounts during your monthly visits.

Now that you are pregnant this would be a great time to go out and meet other moms to be and join a support group. It is great to be able to discuss your feelings and cravings and how you are going to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle once your baby arrives.

With a group of moms, you can schedule in walks and activities for both you and the baby and it will just be great to have other new moms, experiencing the same feelings as you, to get the support in how to handle all your new found emotions and possibly anxiety. Sharing emotions is a good way to deal with any new stress that will creep into your life.

Other ways to keep fit and healthy include just taking an extra walk, parking your car at the back of the parking lot at the mall or grocery store. Many small things that will add up to extra calories burned while being pregnant. Think about it, small steps are all it really takes to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.